Monday, April 4, 2011

where oh where does the time go?

Man, I cannot believe it is already April. I guess I was waiting for the "lamb" weather to signal in April but alas, it did not come. In Idaho I really think the saying should be May, in like a lion out like a lamb because that is more when the transition of good weather comes. Grayson is 3 months old now. Time goes by too quickly!!! He is really such a little busy body and likes to be looking out and sitting up or standing all of the time. He has such big eyes and he likes to take everything in.
In Idaho and our seasons are winter, wind, and scorching hot. I thought that I would buy a little kite for Remy since it is windy all of the time. I think kites may have been invented somewhere else but they certainly are probably sold the most here. Shaun has been going outside with Remy to fly his little owl kite. Really it is mostly to give Shaun something to do but Remy likes the streamers. He hasn't wanted to fly it himself yet. I suppose he is only 2 and running around in circles trying to have someone "get you" is much funner.

Remy also likes to spin in circles and get dizzy. The funny thing about this is that when he is spinning he looks where he has been rather than where he is going. It looks so weird and is hilarious to watch. I have tried to get a video of him but have been unsuccessful thus far. I will keep trying though because it is hilarious. I seriously bet he gets so dizzy looking the wrong way to spin around.
Here I am with my two little boys. I couldn't find any pictures with Grayson looking at the camera because something was very interesting to look at on my pants. Probably a baby barf stain from him earlier on in the day.
Here is Grayson in the play gym at work. He likes to bat his arms around to hit the toys. He also loves looking in the mirror. He is a smart little boy though and doesn't want to be in there for very long. Who wants to be in a play gym when someone could be holding you right?
I love this time of year because my Pussy Willows bloom. I love pussy willows because it is really the first thing around here that comes out when it is turning spring. I have been busily trimming the bush back and taking around the sticks to family and friends. Here Shaun and Remy were out in the yard playing and having a "man" conversation under my pussy willow bush. One of Shaun's favorite things is when Remy says "Hi Daddy!!" one day during the prayer for dinner Shaun looked over the counter to see if Remy was folding his arms, Remy saw this and whispered "Hi Daddy" so quietly and sweetly. He loves his Daddy

While I was trimming this bush Chappy got very nervous and was freaking out. I was really hoping it wasn't because there was a mouse in the old grass around the base of it. As it turns out he had buried like 3 of his nasty bones in there and was afraid I was going to steal them, yeah nothing sounds better than a soggy, moldy old rawhide dog bone. He quickly snatched them away and tried to eat them. I did steal them away from him to throw them away, Chappy knew he had to be nervous of me doing that.
Shaun and Remy were also pretending to go "night night" in the grass which was funny. They would sit up and than say night night and tip over and pretend to snore. Bunch of nerds :-)

I never know what to expect when I look out in the yard to check on Remy and Chappy. One day Chappy was of course checking on the vol holes in the back yard and Remy took this opportunity to do something he always wanted to do. He was sitting on Chappy bouncing like he was a horse. Another time I looked out there and Remy had a giant stick and was chasing Chappy with it who was running in circles just out of the sticks reach. They love to play out there and actually have a good time chasing each other around for the most part. Remy is also very concerned about Chappy because he loves him so much. Chappy gets lots of ear infections from all of the dirt dropping in them from the vol holes so I look in his ears a lot. Remy has picked up on this and will go up to Chappy, gently pick up his ear, and say "ooooh Chappy" in a sad sympathetic voice. Such a sweet boy.
Grayson is such a little busy body I think he will definitely be moving before too long. He rolled over for the first time when he was like 2 weeks old. I think that was more of a head bobbing accidental roll over though. He can roll over now from his belly to back on purpose. Last night he was showing Shaun his "mad skills" and accidentally rolled too quick and rolled off of his pillow. It really scared him so he cried for a while but eventually got over it. He also started laughing this week a little bit. I love it when they coo and talk and start to laugh. It just melts my heart to see their sweet little faces and hear their sounds.
Shaun's sister Kymm also had her baby 1 week ago. Grayson was especially excited about this because it is a little boy named Carter and they are only 3 months apart. I think they are going to be good buddies. Before Kymm had her baby we went to her house and Shaun's sister Colette was giving her a foot massage. Remy of course wanted to help so he was busily rubbing Kymm's legs, his own face and Colette's face with the soapy bubbly foot water. So nice of him wasn't it?
Remy really loves having a little brother. He has only been jealous one time where he threw Grayson's binky and tried to pull his hair. Luckily Grayson doesn't have any hair. But for the most part he wants to help me put in his binky, cover him with blankets or hold him. Well he doesn't really get to hold him but he surely tries to run in his room first before I can to get him. The other day Grayson was sitting up on the couch and Remy climbed up next to him, put his arm around him and than put his blanket over both of them to watch tv. I thought that was so sweet. I just can see what fun they are going to have as brothers. Don't get me wrong they will also have their fair share of wrestling matches and fights but I love to see them together.
The other day was laundry day and I washed my sheets. I was trying to make the bed as quickly as possible because Grayson was tired and hungry. So I put on the bottom sheet and my pillows and sat Grayson up against my pillows. he was still crying so I continued on putting blankets and other sheets over him. he loved the warm blanket out of the dryer and was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. It was so funny seeing such a little boy in such a big bed.
I don't know why but Remy has always stored food on his head. When he was a baby he would put it up there so that I would think he had eaten it and let him down. It sort of made sense because he couldn't see it anymore but totally obvious to the rest of us. I think he puts it up there now to store it for later. I see a mustache in his future for storage :-). It is hard to see but he has half of a granola bar up in his hair he put up there on our way to Granny's house. He was so proud of it.

My sister, bro-in-law, and their two little boys came up for my Mom's birthday on April fools day. Remy had such a good time playing with his cousins and when he and Eli were playing on the teeter-totter he would look to Shaun and point to Eli and say "we fends (friends)" and shrug his shoulders all matter of factly. They also had a good time climbing in the tree house to slide down the slide and than playing tag or "get you" as Remy calls it. So fun to see family and "fends"

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Shannon Dooley said...

As usual, such a cute post. I adore the picture of Grayson snuggled up in the big bed fighting to keep his eyes open. And using ones head as food storage. Who knew? He might be onto something. ;-) I'll be in the office next week. Hope to see ya my beautiful friend!